My Honest Reviews of Hookup Sites


Best for Discretion - Slutty Professionals, Cheating Girlfriends & Married Wives

My new #1 pick is Ashley Madison Dating Website. Here's why - all the girls on this site are looking for DISCREET Relationships. Some are Horny Housewives, others are just looking for some FUN. When it comes to discreet HOOKUPS these girls will do just about ANYTHING if they find the right guy! On top of that, they're looking for NOW, not some BS date in the future. First thing you do is join for FREE and see which girls are looking to hook up then check out their pics (some are even nude). The site has 21 million members, so finding girls in your area is sooo simple. ENTER


Girls will do ANYTHING for Money

My new #2 pick is Arrangement Finders. The Girls are SMOKING HOT, but one huge problem, they're all looking for some sort of financial payment. In short, you have to pay them something to get some action. Tons of HOT Single Moms & TIGHT College Girls. A step above being with an escort (especially from the STD side alone), but you still have to shell out money for the site and for the girl. If you make some decent money, well, then this site should be your #1 site. Forget the ones below. For just a little bit of money, you can get these Girls (aka sugar babies) to do just about anything!Enter


Casual Relationships with Older Women

I bumped my #3 pick with I could not believe how many average to HOT women over 35 are looking for casual hookups. Seriously, these girls are looking to BANG now. The only issue I found here is the bodies of these women. Many of these women keep themselves in great shape. But, you also have a ton of women who don't take care of themselves. Personally, I don't have a thing for BBWs, maybe you do though? Once I was able to weed them out, I was able to have field day on the site. So if you're into OLDER women, well worth checking this out. ENTER


Casual Relationships with BBWs

I bumped my #4 pick with The Big & The Beautiful. I could not believe how many average to hot women over 18 are looking for casual hookups. Seriously, these girls are looking to bang now. I have never had SOOO many messages from women on a dating site before. The ONLY issue I found here is the bodies of these women. All of the women are BBWS or women who don't take care of themselves. Personally, I don't have a thing for BBWs, maybe you do though? So if you're into HOT BBWs, well worth checking this out. ENTER


Real Amateur Women who are DTF

My 5th pick is InstaBang. How many of you have rolled your eyes at Instagram? I know I did, but Instabang isn't screwing around. Right from the get go, they've got NAKED LADIES who are here to show off their stuff. Even if you're just looking for spank material, you can take a look on this site. The girls aren't easy, but they're horny and if you play your cards right, you'll be getting some pretty easily. Some of the girls are less care free than they make themselves out to be and will slam you pretty hard if you make a mistake, but aside from that this is a great site for ANYONE who wants it quick and easy, but doesn't care as much about quality.ENTER


Women Looking for Action

My 6th pick is Be Naughty. Be Naughty is exactly what it sounds like. You flirt and try to find people to HOOKUP with. This tends to be more for longer term relationships or casual dating rather than just hooking up, but you're probably going to get some on here anyway. You just have to work a little bit harder. The site is lighthearted and no one's going to call you out if you're bad at flirting, but if you don't know how to talk to women don't bother. If you are good at flirting, you're going to find that is EXCITING as all hell. Everyone's playing a game here and if you can master the game, you're going to have more women then you can handle.ENTER


The vanilla of dating websites.

My 7th pick is Adult Friend Finder. Everyone loves VANILLA, so don't take this as a bad thing. Adult Friend Finder is a huge site, but because it's so mainstream you're going to find that most people are just looking for the same thing. You're going to waste a lot of time with people who are just trying out the site, but the sheer amount of people who are on the site will make up for that. You're almost GUARANTEED to find someone on this site, but at the same time, you're going to have to search a lot harder to find someone that you want. Still, the women are pretty decent and they're not going to lead you on. Everyone who's on this site is looking for a hook up and if a long term relationship comes out of it, then that's up to the people who're involved..ENTER


Groovy baby, yeah.

My 8th pick is Shagaholic. If you can look at this website without thinking about Austin Powers, then you're a stronger person than I am. This site is one of those ones where you sign up blind and you're never goign to know what you're getting into until you make up a profile. I was pretty pleasantly SURPRISED when I actually got onto the site. You can sign up and put money down, or you can earn points just by being active on the site. Those points can be used to pay for your membership or to message the women. The ratio of men to women seems to be really skewed toward the men with the women being hard to find, but it's worth it when you do manage to find one. The reason this site is so high on my list is because the two women I met off of this site could SUCK THE MOON through a drinking straw and I've never had an experience like that since.ENTER


The tame hookup website with active members.

My 9th pick is Just Hookup. This is tamer than most of the hook-up websites that are out there. Not classier, just tamer. There are no boobs on the main page, although there are plenty of shirtless men if you're up for that. The women are average and while some of them are really cute, you're going to end up seeing the same profiles a lot. This is because their membership base is spread out. If you don't mind doing some driving to get laid, then this is the site for you. You will get laid since everyone is looking for the same thing, but you're going to have to go out of your way to get it. It's got something for everyone though so whether you're looking for men, women or both, this site has got you covered.ENTER


Cougars. Cougars everywhere.

My 10th pick is Naughty over 40. I heard about this site thanks to that catchy jingle that just won't leave my head. So I went to check it out and the women are just ACHING for it. Sexy older women who know will blow you better than any younger girl you've ever met. The women are pretty agressive and will message you first so long as you got your profile filled out properly. I got on this site and while OLDER women aren't really my thing, I still had a ton of fun on it. Yeah, they're just looking for sex, but then you are too or you wouldn't be here.ENTER